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Learn About Charleston's Cuisine With a Celebrated Tour Guide

Experience Charleston through its delicious Southern cuisine on one of our walking tours. During these culinary tours, we share our knowledge of Charleston's culture and history while sampling from some of the best local restaurants. As you taste savory biscuits and lowcountry dishes, you will also get to interact with these superb chefs and learn about their kitchens.

Culinary Tours

Let us take you behind the scenes of Charleston's greatest kitchens.

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About Hoon Calhoun

Hoon Calhoun is an insightful tour guide in Charleston, South Carolina, offering a look behind the scenes of local restaurants and other area attractions for more than 10 years. We offer uptown and downtown tours from a Charleston native who has known the stories of the city for his whole life.

As a tour guide, Hoon Calhoun began with historical and ghost tours while working at a local carriage company. A true gourmand and connoisseur of food, his love of hospitality inspires each of his tours. Through our tours, he serves as a vital liaison between illustrious chefs, restaurant kitchens, and Charleston visitors. Hoon firmly believes that a culture's cuisine reveals as much about their nature as their laws and wars.

Hoon has eaten meals prepared by the King of Thailand's chef, dishes like canard rouennaise, and dined at Le Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. He also has enjoyed jelly milkshakes in Appalachia, oyster roasts by the marsh, and gravy biscuits at truck stops. Whether eating off of Limoges® porcelain or paper plates, or drinking out of E&O Spieglau crystal or Ball® mason jars, Hoon sees food as a way to learn and experience culture.

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Fully Licensed and Certified Tour Guide in Charleston, SC, 2006

"It is a wonderful tour unlike any other that you will go on. Concierges agree that Hoon Calhoun is the best in Charleston"

"Ask for Hoon...Had the best behind the scenes tour of Charleston's restaurants. Hoon was by far the most knowledgable and entertaining individual I have ever had the pleasure of touring with."

"Fantastic. The absolute best food tour in Charleston."


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